How to create your profile on the contributors page

After emailing us your contribution, you will be given access to the website where you can add your text and create your profile on the contributors page. After logging in with the link you will have received, you have now access to the content of the website. To create and upload your profile on the Contributors’ page:

  • Click on AWSM Team on the left margin
  • Click on Add New Member

This will load the following page where you can add the following required information (see square A. below)

Do not forget to add a picture of yourself (see square B. and right figure):

  • Click on Set featured image → Upload files
  • The picture should have the approximate size 132 x 165. If this is not the case, click on Edit Image on the right. This will open a window where you can resize and crop the picture to the correct size. If the size of the original picture is completely off, we recommend to first scale the image with one of the two dimensions (132 or 165). And then crop by selecting the area in the picture. The size of the selection will appear under the Selection section of the Image Crop. To confirm the crop, click on the top left button.
  • Once the image is saved, click on Save → Back
  • Select your picture (which should show the correct dimensions in the Attachment Details and click on Set featured image
  • Your photo should now appear under Featured image (square B)

You are now ready to submit your profile! Submit for review / publish it by clicking on Submit for Review or Publish (depending on your role). In order for it to become visible on the contributors page you need to be added to the Contributors team by an editor. Please inform one of the editors to do so.

You can always edit your profile by clicking on AWSM Team → Members. Then click Edit under your profile.

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