How to add to the knowledgebase

Once you have been given access to the website, you can now add to any sections of the Knowledgebase. To do so:

  • Login to the website (you will receive the link once you become a contributor)
  • Click on Knowledgebase → New Article
  • Fill in the title and content of the item
  • Select the appropriate category in the Knowledgebase Category

If you add a project, you can link which contributors are involved in this project by adding a Team section after the Summary/Abstract section. To do so:

  • Click on AWSM Team → Teams → Add Team
  • Select the members of the team (see How to create your profile on the contributors page)
  • Select the Table style under Presets
  • Select Style 1 under Style
  • Click on Publish or Update
  • You can now copy the team shortcode which you can see under AWSM Team → Teams → Shortcode. The code should look like [awsmteamid=”xxx”]
  • Paste the team shortcode in your Knowledgebase article of the project

Once you are done, don’t forget to submit for review / publish it by clicking on Submit for Review or Publish (depending on your role). Use update if you were modifying your existing article.

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