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Bevacqua, Emanuele; Michele, Carlo De; Manning, Colin; Couasnon, Anaïs; Ribeiro, Andreia F S; Ramos, Alexandre M; Vignotto, Edoardo; Bastos, Ana; Blesić, Suzana; Durante, Fabrizio; Hillier, John; Oliveira, Sérgio C; Pinto, Joaquim G; Ragno, Elisa; Rivoire, Pauline; Saunders, Kate; van der Wiel, Karin; Wu, Wenyan; Zhang, Tianyi; Zscheischler, Jakob

Guidelines for studying diverse types of compound weather and climate events Journal Article

Earth's Future, n/a (n/a), pp. e2021EF002340, 2021, (e2021EF002340 2021EF002340).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Climate change, compound events, Environmental risk, Guidelines, Multidisciplinary, Typology