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Lhotka, Ondřej; Trnka, Mirek; Kysely, Jan; Markonis, Yannis; Balek, Jan; Možny, Martin

Atmospheric circulation as a factor contributing to increasing drought severity in Central Europe Journal Article

Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, pp. e2019JD032269, 2020.

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Flach, M; Sippel, S; Gans, F; Bastos, A; Brenning, A; Reichstein, M; Mahecha, M D

Contrasting biosphere responses to hydrometeorological extremes: revisiting the 2010 western Russian heatwave Journal Article

Biogeosciences, 15 (20), pp. 6067–6085, 2018.

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Flach, M; Gans, F; Brenning, A; Denzler, J; Reichstein, M; Rodner, E; Bathiany, S; Bodesheim, P; Guanche, Y; Sippel, S; Mahecha, M D

Multivariate anomaly detection for Earth observations: a comparison of algorithms and feature extraction techniques Journal Article

Earth System Dynamics, 8 (3), pp. 677–696, 2017.

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Zscheischler, Jakob; Michalak, Anna M; Schwalm, Christopher; Mahecha, Miguel D; Huntzinger, Deborah N; Reichstein, Markus; Berthier, Gwenaëlle; Ciais, Philippe; Cook, Robert B; El-Masri, Bassil; Huang, Maoyi; Ito, Akihiko; Jain, Atul; King, Anthony; Lei, Huimin; Lu, Chaoqun; Mao, Jiafu; Peng, Shushi; Poulter, Benjamin; Ricciuto, Daniel; Shi, Xiaoying; Tao, Bo; Tian, Hanqin; Viovy, Nicolas; Wang, Weile; Wei, Yaxing; Yang, Jia; Zeng, Ning

Impact of large-scale climate extremes on biospheric carbon fluxes: An intercomparison based on MsTMIP data Journal Article

Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 28 (6), pp. 585-600, 2014.

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