As you might have read in the About section, the goal of the website is to gather relevant information about compound events and to serve as a platform connecting researchers and practitioners.

Compound events have been recently defined as “multiple drivers that combine to affect hazards contributing to societal or environmental risk”. This definition succeeds two previous ones, one by the IPCC and one by Leonard et al. (2013) (follow the link to our Knowledgebase!). These definitions all have in common that compound event are multivariate by nature and have significant impacts (which may be extreme). These last years, compound events have been mentioned in a diverse range of publications, often linking to strong implications on current risk assessments and protection design.  

We are aiming to create a space where personal opinions on any aspect of compound events can be shared. We hope that this blog will receive diverse contributions since this research theme encompasses a broad range of fields: climate and atmospheric sciences, hydrology, engineering ,etc.  with a clear practical implication on risk design-based systems and risk management strategies.

If you wish to write a text and share your opinion, your perspective on specific topic or your experience as a modeller, researcher or practitioner, feel free to contact us via email at . We hope that you will enjoy browsing through the pages of this website!


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