Doctorate Researcher Opportunity

The announcement for a position for a Doctorate Researcher under the Project IMPECAF ref: PTDC / CTA-CLI / 28902/2017 was published and is available at, n. 2725. IMPECAF's main objective is to deepen the existing knowledge on individual and compound dry and hot weather extremes (heat waves, droughts and flash-droughts) affecting the agricultural and … Continue reading Doctorate Researcher Opportunity

Bias adjustment and multivariate impacts

When we want to estimate climate risks, we need to model climate impacts. Our current climate tend to have biases even in the most basic variables. They are too hot or too cold, too dry or too wet. Impact models, however, typically require unbiased  input. Fire is modelled as a response to available fuel and … Continue reading Bias adjustment and multivariate impacts

AGU18 compound events session (NH23A) – a summary

In case you missed the 2018 fall meeting AGU session on compound events (NH23A) or just want a short recap, here we summarized the oral presentations. Main take-aways The research field of compound events looks at many different perils. This session covered flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, wind but also how such perils may concurrently or … Continue reading AGU18 compound events session (NH23A) – a summary